Is your child  often angry?  Struggling with communication? Feeling unmotivated? Lonely? Or confused about their identity? 

 Your child is not alone. The ChildCenteredHealing practice offers holistic and child friendly psychotherapeutic services that get to the root of an issue while reducing symptoms that are often difficult to manage alone, helping the child and your family to move more positively forwards with a peace of mind, body, and spirit.

While the practice can help a child (and young adult) with almost any issue, it is specialised in treating: 

  • Neurodivergent- Autism & ADHD
  • Differently abled 
  • Trauma related-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Adjustment Disorder & Anger Management
  • Mixed/bi-multi-ethnic identities

The practice also focuses on early mental health prevention and intervention via workshops  and online Listening Circles for children and for parents. 


For a free (at no cost) consultation, kindly use the form below  to book an appointment at your earliest convenience. ,

**If your child or anyone is in psychological distress, please don’t use this site. Call the Dutch Emergency Hotline 112, or 113 for the Stichting Suicide organisation for further assistance.

The ChildCenteredHealing practice is a member of the Child Behavioral Health Network