About Amélie

multicultural, internationally minded Psychotherapist 

Dear guardian(s),


A most heartfelt welcome to my practice’s website. I am mixed Burkinabé-Dutch, but a global nomad at heart, having lived and worked in parts of Africa, the US, Europe and Asia. 


I have a passion for Psychology, the natural, creative healing methods and helping children. These have led me to do my studies in Psychology in the United States, with a specialisation in Art Therapy from New York University, as well as training in the following psychotherapeutic approaches: Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Breathwork & Play Therapy. I have an eclectic theoretical taste, including for Psychoanalysis (i.e. Carl Jung), Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Person-Centered, Positive Psychology and Cross Cultural Psychology.


Moreover, I have 9+ years international experience working in both clinical and non-clinical settings with children (and adults) with trauma, special needs and mixed ‘race’/identity issues in: psychiatric institutions (in and outpatient clinics), special needs based summer camps, schools and day treatment centers, as well as private practice. I have also had the unique opportunity to provide PsychoSocial Support to children and their families during humanitarian disasters-namely post Typhoon Hagupit in The Philippines and during the 2015 (West Africa) Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone.   


I see every child as a unique being, with his or her own story to tell and different ways of coping and healing. What might work for one child may not work for another.  I work hard to understand your child’s functioning (as apposed to just focusing on the diagnosis), unique life story and needs. That is why I emphasize on making my assessments and treatments individualised in an effort to best help him/her feel empowered and confident in their journey of self-understanding and growth. 


While we may be focused on understanding emotions or triggers, I will also be paying attention to what is happening in the child’s body and spirit because they are integral parts of the child’s whole being and wellbeing. So there will be times where we may need to spend more time on breathwork or an art project, especially if it is helping to resolve an issue and bring about healing. 


If need be, I can work with you, or with your child’s school staff  (i.e. teachers) on top of therapy to make progress more rapid, tangible and effective, in both the short and longterm. Rest assured that your trust, privacy and comfort are important to me and our working relationship in achieving the treatment goal(s). 


If you’re curious about the way I work or have other questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email using the form on the Home Page. I will then set an appointment to speak with you within 48 hours.  


I look forward to connecting and working with your child and you, 



a selfie during a trip to Indonesia, circa 2014