“Your most natural super power is your breath, learn to control it and you’ll soon be feeling like a superhero!- Drs. Amélie van den Brink-El Makkaoui, Child Psychotherapist





Our breath really is our natural superpower! And for children, breathing teaches them to connect with their bodies, slow down and control their responses, especially after a long day, or during strong emotions, such as when they experience anxiety or angry moments that make them feel like they are in fight mode. 
 Like many of the techniques Drs. van den Brink- El Makkaoui uses, the point of calm breathing is to not avoid the emotion completely but to help the child to take the ‘edge off’ and give him/her a sense of calm and control back.
Benefits of calm breathing:
o   Reduces stress and anxiety
o   Promotes happiness
o   Ignites peace and calmness
o   Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
o   Reduces tension
o   Improves focus and concentration