Covid 19 updates

Covid continues to impact young people’s mental, physical and spiritual health, and sometimes it can be difficult staying up to date with information. On this page you will find links to various Covid relevant information for children (updated October 2021). 


What is Covid 19?


For almost a decade, scientists chased the source of a deadly new virus through China’s tallest mountains and most isolated caverns. They finally found in the bats of Shitou Cave. The virus in question was a coronavirus that causes an epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, in 2003. So what exactly is a coronavirus, and how does it spread? Elizabeth Cox explains in this YouTube video. 


Should my child(ren) be vaccinated?


Parents often ask if there is a children’s vaccine for Covid19 (and other Covid strains), and whether they should vaccinate their children. These are difficult questions and companies such as Pfizer have recently tested vaccines on 5 to 11 year olds. In this link, Emily Oster, an economist and public policy expert at Brown University (in the US) provides context on what’s going on, followed by Questions and Answers. 


Here’s another link (from the New York TImes- subscription needed to view article) for children ages 12 to 17.


Impact of Covid on children’s mental health: what we know so far

Report from the Child Mind Institute based in the US 

The report examines the growing research on how Covid continues to effect children’s mental health, including survey results of thousands of parents that explored the following key questions, including:

  • What do we know about how the pandemic has affected young people’s mental health?

  • What are some of the most common mental health challenges that children and adolescents have experienced?

  • What are the major risk factors for experiencing mental health challenges during the pandemic?

  • What do we know about the potential long-term mental health effects of the pandemic?

  • How can we reduce the mental health impacts of the next global public health crisis — and the remainder of this one?