Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to questions that often come from caregivers/parents. If your question is not listed, kindly send me an email using the form on the Home Page. 

Q: How do I tell my child about going to therapy?
A: You can tell your child the following: “Because things have not been going so well at home (or at school, or whatever setting is causing the problem), we thought you might like to have some special time with a child therapist named Amélie. She has a lot of different and fun things that you can play with to help you feel better. Amélie will never make you do anything you don’t want to do, and you will be able to choose when you want to say something. Your time with Amélie will usually happen at the same time every week. Sometimes Amélie will have to talk to me about how you are doing so that we can help you the best we can.”
Q: Can I attend therapy with my child during his/her session?
A: Unfortunately no. For emergency purposes: you will need to have your phone nearby and to be within reach of the park area incase an emergency arises.
Q: What should I do after my child’s therapy session?
A: You can give your child permission to tell you as little or as much as s/he would like about the session. Some sessions may be emotionally difficult for your child to process and there could be an increased difficulty in behaviours before or after a session. This is normal. But if it concerns you, please let me know via an email.
Q: Will you interpret my child’s artwork during art psychotherapy?
A: It depends on the issue; the art making process is at the core of the therapy. All sorts of feelings will be expressed in whatever your child creates. Whatever is expressed becomes a part of the bigger conversation that s/he and I create together to help develop and resolve the problem(s).
Q: How will I be involved as a parent?
A: You can bring questions and feedback to me on a weekly basis by filling out the Parent Report Form. I can also meet with you after every 4-6 sessions (depending on duration of treatment) to give updates on the child’s progress, review goals, and offer ideas for how to continue working with your child at home.

Q: Do you do home visits?
A: Yes, I can do home visits; however, transport costs may be charged depending on the distance of travel.
Q: Will my health insurance pay for the sessions/service?
A: I don’t have contracts with any insurance company at the moment, but if you have insurance that covers ‘Complimentary-Alternative Therapies’ then they should be able to reimburse 70% of each session fee. Another option is to check with your regional care administrator or municipality (‘Gemeente’ in Dutch) to see if they can provide a Personal Budget plan (‘Persoonsgebonden Budget’ in Dutch; ‘Zorg in Natura’ for those with a disability) to help you cover the fees. If you would like to explore this option, please do so before consulting with me. 

Q: When do I need to pay my session?
A: You must pay for your session two days before it begins. Without a 48 hour cancelation notice, you will be charged the normal session fee.