“There is no health without mental health.”Ex United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon


The ChildCenteredHealing practice is committed to making mental health care accessible* for everyone no matter their financial situation. Therapy sessions are offered online or face to face in nature. Below is a list of the  practice’s fees in EUROS, including BTW:


Assessment: 135

Depending on the issue and level of engagement, an art based assessment that takes 1.5 hours may be administered. The aim is to gather more information about potentially underlying issues not verbally expressed during consultation and to help further with treatment planning.


Therapy Sessions based on 45-60 minutes:

  • Individual: face to face 95; online 75

  • Sibling:  face to face 115; online 90

  • Parent-Child Dyad: face to face 105; online 85

  • Group (max 5 clients): face to face 40/person; online 25/person

*Sliding scale: a discount is available to struggling families, especially during Covid. Please inquire further using the form on the Home page.

Online Expat Children’s Listening Circles



Workshops (online or face to face)


1) Developmental delays: a step by step guide for navigating the process 

Duration: 1.5hrs, with 10 mins break

Fee: 85/attendant


2) Exploring Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Duration: 2hrs, with 10mins break
Fee: 85/attendant


3) Intercultural Parenting & the Transcultural Family: Tools for Better Communication

Duration: 1.5hrs, with 5mins break

Fee: 95/attendant


4) Emotional Intelligence Guidance for Parent(s)

Duration: 60mins, 10-14 sessions total

Fee: 75/attendant