Nature & Online Settings

Online 'Teletherapy'

Therapy can be offered online, depending on the client’s challenge and needs. For children under 14 years of age, computer games are used to hone specific social skills, such as playing Roblox game as well as using Virtual Rooms to hone specific independent skills and for psycho-education (ie. information and support to better understand and cope with symptoms, including emotions). 
Here is what is required:
  • a reliable computer and internet connection
  • independent email address to access the appointment link (for confidentiality purposes)
  • Use of HIPPA compliant website called, ‘SecureVideo’ (an extension of Zoom). An appointment link will be sent 1 hour before every session.
  • If making art: parents will need to buy basic art materials ahead of sessions: colored pencils, markers, paints, and paper of various sizes-from small to large. (Other materials may be asked.)
Example of one of my ‘Emotions’ Virtual Rooms:

Nature 'Ecotherapy'

Nature is children’s natural playground and it can also be therapeutic! Whether it is seeing the green foilage, touching the bare ground with their feet, or smelling the fresh air, the green spaces have an almost instantaneous calming and balancing effect on their physical and mental wellbeing. 
By bringing an issue outdoors, the child becomes more engaged/focused, curious to explore and process in a fun-filled way. 
Here’s what to expect from nature sessions:
  • sessions are semi-structured
  • a parent is required to be nearby the premises 
  • use of various materials from nature and non-nature (art materials to be provided by therapist at each session) 
  • safety protocol i.e. allergies to insects, plants, etc, to be discussed prior to session start 

An assessment varying 1.5 hours (depending on client’s attention span) is required in both settings prior to starting therapy. For the fee, please see the Fee page.