Play Therapy

‘Play is the work of childhood’-Jean Piaget, Swiss Psychologist and Genetic Epistemologist

Playing is a child’s most natural way to be, connect with others and make meaning of his/her inner and outer worlds. In therapy, play may look like an ordinary playtime; however, it can also be much more than that. 
In therapy, Drs. van den Brink-El Makkaoui uses playtime to observe and gain insights into a client’s challenge(s). In the process, she helps the child to explore emotions and deal with unresolved issues. Moreover, through play, children learn new coping mechanisms and how to redirect and sublimate inappropriate behaviors.
Some of the benefits of play therapy:
  • taking more responsibility for certain behaviors
  • developing coping strategies and creative problem-solving skills
  • self-respect
  • empathy and respect for others
  • alleviate anxiety
  • learning to fully experience and express feelings
  • stronger social skills
  • stronger family relationships